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Unity Oculus Go: Issue only in right eye

Hi, I recently experienced a weird issue in the Unity Editor.
My project involves many scenes, and some scenes take a few seconds to load. However, I noticed that after loading a new scene, there always is a weird flickering in the right eye only, and the flickering consists of something from the previous scene. Has anyone else encountered this issue before or an issue that only occurs in one eye in Unity and know a fix for this issue?


  • icyfrog66icyfrog66 Posts: 4
    It seems that the issue occurs in the right eye only when using single-pass, and occurs in the left eye only when using multi-pass. 
  • divyajalandivyajalan Posts: 2

    Did you get a fix for your issue? If yes, could you please share it? 

    I am currently facing the exact same issue. Only difference being I have been able to narrow down to one object, which when added creates this issue. That object has a transparent shader so I am not sure if that is the reason. 
  • TeachAids_TeachAids_ Posts: 2
    We're having the same issue! Any luck figuring this out?
  • PeacefulPlacesPeacefulPlaces Posts: 2
    I am also having this issue. Has anyone found a fix?
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