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'OVRLipSync' failed to load

Hi guys,
I'm very new at this but I just wanted to check out the Oculus lip sync project. I followed the instructions here:
I put the OVRLipSync folder with the OVRLipSync.uplugin in it into this folder:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.22\Engine\Plugins
I'm running UE 4.22, but also tried it in 4.21.
When I try to run the editor I get this error:

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but I'd really like to see this in action. Any idea where I screwed up?


  • andy.van.dalsemandy.van.dalsem Posts: 3
    I downloaded the latest version 1.36.0 published 3 days ago and tried again. I'm still getting the same error in Unreal 4.22.0

    I followed the instructions and put the OVRLipSync folder in to UE_4.22>Engine>Plugins: 

    Trying to launch Unreal throws this error and then crashes:

    Is there anyone from Oculus on the forum? Has anyone else managed to get this to work? It's been 15 days since my original post and I'd really like to try this out. 
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