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Changing Oculus Clear Color

AcadianYetiAcadianYeti Posts: 3
Hi all,
During our development we have an issue where when transition between scenes and loading them we fade to white and then load the scene, and finally we fade back out.  However as a result of the load this causes freezes and obviously it doesn't keep updating and rendering.  The result of this is we have a white quad in front of our face but looking around left and right there is a lot of black tearing / black background.  Basically, is there any way to change that black background default clear colour?  It would be very beneficial to us to keep the fade to white and there must be this option to change it we just can't find it.


  • bkjbkj Posts: 159 Oculus Start Member
    atw cubemaps
  • AcadianYetiAcadianYeti Posts: 3
    I don't believe that will help us as mentioned we do have the entire scene being white however the issue is that the scene is not getting rendered, i.e. the cubemap would also likely not get rendered.  If i'm incorrect on this I would love to know.
  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 1,001
    if you render the cubemap to the compositor using OVRoverlay it will work
  • AcadianYetiAcadianYeti Posts: 3
    Interesting thanks will check that out!
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