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Oculus Go Development on OS X: "unauthorized" device

I'm developing with Unreal on OS X:
  • I have the latest Android-Platform-Tools installed.  
  • I have enabled "developer mode" on my Oculus Go.
  • 'adb' can see my oculus go in the connected devices (thru USB), but it appears as "Unauthorized".  Unreal is not able to see the device.

As far as I see, there are no OS X Drivers for Oculus go; only Windows.

What is the problem here?


  • brownvrvrvrvrbrownvrvrvrvr Posts: 4
    I was able to solve my "unauthorized" problem with permission settings.

    However, I am unable to Launch on the device from Unreal, as I get this error:
    "Can't make an APK without the compiled .so "

    Does the depreciated support for OS X indicate that we are better of NOT USING OSX AT ALL to develop for the Go tat this time?   Is windows 10 the only supported OS?
  • ptmarksptmarks Posts: 5
    Hi, see your see your comments above about working through the unauthorized problem with permissions. Can you point me in the right direction? I can't find any answer and can't get past this unauthorized device problem.  Much appreciated!
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