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Crash after update to OVRPlugin 1.25.0

OcqueOcque Posts: 2
edited July 2019 in Oculus Quest Development
Hi there,
I want to build the most basic sample scene for the Oculus Quest. I installed Oculus Integration from the asset store and use one of the sample scenes provided there but I cant get a working program. The problem arises after upgrading to OVRPlugin 1.25.0. When starting the program on the Quest, it just shows the three "loading dots" and gets stuck (I just get back to the menu after pushing 4 times the oculus button on the controller).
When I disable Oculus Utilities Plugin (Current Version 1.25.0 to Bundle Version 0.0.0) the program at least starts and my HMD is working fine, but the controllers are not detected.
I use Unity 2019.1.4f1 but i got the same problem with 2018.4.4f1.
Thanks for your help


  • OcqueOcque Posts: 2
    edited July 2019
    After installing the new version of Oculus Integration (1.39) and after disabling OVR Utilities Plugin (so 0.0.0 instead of 1.25.0) the build works including controller detection.
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