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Quest settings run as Oculus Go in Unity 2019.1.11f1

hawkenhawken Posts: 21
Brain Burst
edited July 2019 in Oculus Quest Development
I've tried building with Oculus integration 1.39, 1.38 & 1.37 with Unity 2019.1.11f1

All settings are as recommended (no vulcan, XR set to Oculus, Android kitkat etc.) and OVRmanager is set to Quest.

When I build test scene Assets/Oculus/VR/Scenes/GearVrControllerTest.unity to Quest, controllers appear as Oculus Go handsets, and only one is visible at a time. I made sure they were set to touch. Also the FOV is slightly tighter than the normal Quest FOV.

In the debug log when the apk builds it says Quest is set to true.

If anyone else can confirm?


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