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Display problems on Oculus Quest (Help me please!)

When I open any project on Oculus Quest a part of the virtual world appears with the wrong colors as in the photo.

It does not happen systematically, sometimes there is no problem and it occurs later as soon as I start to insert elements or blueprints.

I use the Unreal engine version 4.23.0 and Oculus updated to the latest version.

I use Blueprint-based projects with a pre-configured virtual reality template.

Thank you for any help you can give me to solve this problem!


  • Mendez5721Mendez5721 Posts: 1
    I have been having the same exact issue! I have noticed that sometimes rebuilding the lighting will work to solve it but then it reverts back to that state later. Also when it comes to those green squares in the third picture. I noticed it happens when i have the Guardian Space enabled. I hope someone can shed some light on a fix soon!
  • Delemir78Delemir78 Posts: 3
    I tried to move the camera from the starting point and this chromatic aberration disappeared but then reappeared.

    I hope in the help of some holy benefactor !!!
  • OcubrickOcubrick Posts: 9
    I have same issues. I sometimes get the green squares on the walls, black textures instead of proper textures for meshes, weird red triangles combined with black for some textures. 
  • eiken-engelgaardeiken-engelgaard Posts: 2
    got the same issue, 
    it keeps happening whenever i put a material on any objects, or if the nav volume is moved. Would be amaizing if anyone could help  :)
  • eiken-engelgaardeiken-engelgaard Posts: 2
    edited January 21
    Hey I think I figured it out, if you launch by the book then it works with out black/red and green glitches 

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