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Oculus Guardian and Leap Motion...

LastBlowLastBlow Posts: 15
edited October 2019 in Game Design
Porting a Leap Motion/Oculus Rift app (Windows 10, C++, Leap Motion SDK Orion 3.2.1 and Oculus Rift SDK Commercial version 1.25.0) from DK2 to Oculus Rift S... Any advice in general? Any experience with Oculus Guardian in particular - how to turn it off if desktop Leap Motion while sitting or head-mount Leap Motion and define the floor level at mid-height, so objects lying on the terrain can be reached while standing without constantly crouching? Thank you!


  • LastBlowLastBlow Posts: 15
    edited November 2019
    Alright, ended up simply disabling the Guardian System, not needed if siting down while playing, by toggling the Guardian System Enabled/Disabled option in the Home Universal Menu.
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