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Quest Stuck on Loading Screen when pushing from Unity

I'm developing a scene for the Quest using Unity 2019.1.5f1. I configured Unity for Oculus development using a tutorial by Valem:"How to make an OCULUS QUEST game" (I can't post links yet) 

When I push my build to the Quest, the process through okay with no errors. However, once the build actually pushes to the Quest, the game itself does not actually load. It gets caught in an endless loading loop, until it eventually crashes and prompts me to close the app or try to start it again. 

I've looked up solutions to this but have yet to find a true consensus. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. 


  • WeitinWeitin Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    Off the top of my head, don't use 1.39, make sure your AndroidManifest is correct, and virtual reality supported is set to Oculus.
    Wei Tin Yuen, VR Developer  B)
    Toronto, Canada
  • casey.kawamuracasey.kawamura Posts: 10
    I had this problem the other day. Make sure that you have all of the Android SDK installed with Unity. If you are using Unity hub, there is a drop down tab for the android SDK in the settings for the Unity Install that you are using.
  • barely_irishbarely_irish Posts: 2
    Found the source of the problem - the file size I was uploading to the Quest was way too large. It got hung up on loading it until it eventually gave up. Thank you all for your replies! 
  • NomikiNomiki Posts: 1
    Hey... sry to revive this old thread.

    @barely_irish   Did you kinda "solve" the problem? How did you know it was way to large? Might guide me to a documentation for that? Did you just throw your project into the bin or found a way to lower the size?

    Just canceling my project because of file size is sadly not an option :neutral:

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