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Splash screens hang the editor

tpg.sabibo00.questtpg.sabibo00.quest Posts: 25
edited November 6 in Unreal Development
Hello - I'm trying to get a basic splash screen working in Unreal with Oculus.  The sample project is out of date -- it uses nodes that have been deprecated.  Those are easily replaced with the suggested new nodes.  However, as soon as I launch the VR Preview, the editor basically hangs for about 30 seconds.  It's totally unresponsive.   I don't see any splash screen.  When I tried it in 4.22, I also saw a bunch of these errors, which continued after the VR preview returned from limbo and I was able to quit it. 
: LogHMD: Error: Splash ovrp_WaitToBeginFrame 677 failed (-1002)  

 I updated to 4.23 in case it was a version problem.  I no longer get the red text, but the splash screens still do not work.  The editor sort of hangs for about 30 seconds.  This happens on the sample project as well as my own... anybody know what the problem could be?  Is anyone using splash screens who can verify that they work in 4.23 or 4.22?


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