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Splash screens hang the editor

tpg.sabibo00.questtpg.sabibo00.quest Posts: 47
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edited November 2019 in Unreal Development
Hello - I'm trying to get a basic splash screen working in Unreal with Oculus.  The sample project is out of date -- it uses nodes that have been deprecated.  Those are easily replaced with the suggested new nodes.  However, as soon as I launch the VR Preview, the editor basically hangs for about 30 seconds.  It's totally unresponsive.   I don't see any splash screen.  When I tried it in 4.22, I also saw a bunch of these errors, which continued after the VR preview returned from limbo and I was able to quit it. 
: LogHMD: Error: Splash ovrp_WaitToBeginFrame 677 failed (-1002)  

 I updated to 4.23 in case it was a version problem.  I no longer get the red text, but the splash screens still do not work.  The editor sort of hangs for about 30 seconds.  This happens on the sample project as well as my own... anybody know what the problem could be?  Is anyone using splash screens who can verify that they work in 4.23 or 4.22?


  • aussieburgerVRaussieburgerVR Posts: 294 Oculus Start Member
    Working for me with 422 & 4.22 on Oculus Go and Quest using the following documentation:
    (the plugin settings way)

  • tpg.sabibo00.questtpg.sabibo00.quest Posts: 47
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    edited November 2019
    Huh - okay thanks for the reply.  That's weird, I wonder why it doesn't work for us.  We've tried it on a couple of different machines and it just kind of hangs things.

    I'll try it on Quest -- is anyone using splash screens successfully with a regular Rift?
  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 212 Oculus Start Member
    The OculusVR splash screen is broken in 4.23 and 4.24. It worked fine in 4.22
  • tpg.sabibo00.questtpg.sabibo00.quest Posts: 47
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    I didn't know there was a 4.24 yet.  It didn't work for me in 4.22 either.
  • MaxArchMaxArch Posts: 212 Oculus Start Member
    Its conformed by UE. Vote here to promote early fixing;

  • AndrianVNAndrianVN Posts: 1
    I didn't know there was a 4.24 yet.  It didn't work for me in 4.22 either.

    I spent a good amount of time trying to make it work on 4.24.1, following tutorials from Oculus, like:



    and from Epic's Unreal Documentation:


    (where the second link is much closer to the working solution, but the third one gives you a hint on how to combine everything, in order to end up with a working solution)
    (sorry for the format of the links, but the admin says: "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links." when I try to post my comment)

    Every time I traveled from level to level, I was waiting for the headset to get out of limbo for a good 30 sec. and watching the error popping up in my Output Log afterwards:
    LogHMD: Error: Splash ovrp_WaitToBeginFrame 677 failed (-1002) 

    The solution is surprisingly simple:
    • Open  Edit --> Project Settings --> (Category: Plugins) OculusVR --> (Category: Splash Screen) --> Make sure the "Auto Enabled" is set to true , then add an element/s to the "Splash Descs" array, expand the array from the left to see the elements added and choose one or many of the textures you've already imported in the engine.
    • Now you just need to add the Blueprint node "Show Loading Screen" on every place where you are calling "Open Level" (just connect it in front of it, so that you're telling Oculus to show the splash screen and then travel to the level you want to open next)
    • Last but not least, you just simply need to connect a node after Event Begin Play inside the Level Blueprint of the level you wanted to open from the previous step. This node is named "Hide Loading Screen". (just make sure you have this node connected for any of the levels you want to travel to)
    Tip: if you want to add artificially some time for your splash screen, try to connect "Delay" node between "Event Begin Play" and "Hide Loading Screen". 

  • robcardivrobcardiv Posts: 1
    edited May 12
        OMG.  I was literally 2 minutes away from impulsively formatting all hard drives, reinstalling fresh Windows drivers programs unreal engines, etc etc etc. after six months of failing to find the solution.
    now that I found your correct solution, I just remembered, I formatted and resinstalled windows 6 months ago also, and that didnt solve it either. X_x.

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