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OVROverlay cylinder mesh collider (How to generate it)

JepplenJepplen Posts: 18
edited February 12 in Unity Development

Is it possible to generate a mesh collider to the texture mesh rendered by OVROverlay (shape Cylinder // underlay -> underlay Imposter)?

I made a curved collider in Blender that roughly matches the Overlay shape, but aligning them is a nightmare and will never be 100%.
What we really want is a mesh collider to be generated based on the OVROverlay texture mesh.

Is this possible or are we doomed to use and align a separate collider object?

I was looking at the .sharedMesh() but it doesn't seem to work here.
I browsed through the OVROVerlay script, but "mesh" is not mentioned in the code.
So I have no idea how the texture is actually being rendered.
Also, the transform of the OVROverlay cylinder is really following the rules, I set a Gizmo box to show the transform boundries, but the OVROVerlay Cylinder is actually being rendered outside of that. Which seems quite strange to me.

Hopefully someone can share their experiences with this.

All the best,


  • el_jergasel_jergas Posts: 19
    I would like the same feature (having a collider for the overlay). It seems to me that the game object with the overlay component is just a convenience for inputting the overlay data; the truth is that at run time there is no actual game object but the overlay instead. I am afraid that as of now one will have to use a separate collider object.
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