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will Oculus go disappear soon ?

wozhdalwozhdal Posts: 2

Oculus go just announced a price drop on oculus go.
What is the next step ? 
Will oculus go disappear from store ?
Is there an equivalent product soon ?
Oculus go is 2x cheaper than quest and a lot more easy to use and understand.  We use it for business things for people who don't know VR.  Go is the best for that. Quest is to complicated .
Thanks for your response :)


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 961
    I dont see them killing off the headset anytime soon but its not likely they'l ever release another 3dof headset at this point
  • GeoffreyBoyGeoffreyBoy Posts: 13
    I own Oculus Go and think that I will upgrade only when I'm able to get so immersive experience with some headset that I can't tell the difference from reality. I don't think they will take Go from the market anytime soon.
  • kenneth.lemieux.1kenneth.lemieux.1 Posts: 14
    Brain Burst
    Oculus hasn't said anything about changing their product line. The GO is an amazing platform at a really accessible price. There really isn't anything like it. Let's hope the GO has a place in the future. Until then, I plan on porting everything I write for the other headsets to the go as complexity allows.
  • motorsepmotorsep Posts: 1,488 Oculus Start Member
    The sooner it GOes away, the better for everyone. I am guessing people who praise Go never tried Quest. 

    Go is a 3DoF tease for true 6DoF mobile VR, which is Oculus Quest.
  • wirelitesoft.devwirelitesoft.dev Posts: 181 Oculus Start Member
    the go to me was a fail. and as a developer i so wanted to support go until i got one. tbh i have not even turned it on
    since the first day i tried it lol
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