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Ideas about quest2 input

Level 2

Since we can use the camera to detect the hands and virtual a hand, why can't we virtual a 1:1 keyboard. If this virtual keyboard interacts with our hands, we can input a lot of text anytime and anywhere


Level 2

Yes I understand your frustration, I've been waiting for this feature for a long time, too. It's available now with the new Logitech keyboard, have you seen the latest blog update?


I hope in the far future we don't need any keyboards anymore, at all. Typing is nice but I think brain interfaces and voice will make the run in younger generations. With touch interfaces used by the majority of people, also on a global scale, keyboards will slowly die imo. Also keyboards have a fixed physical position, you can't interact with it and look around in 360° at the same time. You'd need a frame that holds the keyboard attached to your belly. 😄

Level 3

Hey tycz1689,
The keyboard is bluetooth and talks to the headset. 
The passthrough just allows you to see the keyboard and overlays the keys in VR.
Then I think you can turn off the pass though.

Just watched the video above. Very cool