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Proposal for a new accessibility mode - The Driver Passenger Model

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Please watch my YouTube presentation which discusses this idea.  Apologies for using "text to speech".


The need:  My 93 year old mother has severe dementia.  Although she can wear an Oculus headset, due to her dementia there's no way she is able to actually understand or control the Oculus using either the Touch controllers or hand tracking. Even, if I take control of the touch controllers, and use casting to the TV it's still hard to take control of the quest while somebody else is wearing it. So there must be many people, who could benefit from the Oculus, but who simply aren't able to actually control it.


The Driver-Passenger model would be a special optional mode - in apps supporting it so that enabling two persons with Quest headsets to enter the app environment being linked together. The idea is for example that you have a DRIVER that basically takes charge of everything, for example a carer in a care home who knows how to use the Quest and a PASSENGER - for example my mother. The PASSENGER has for the most part a passive role once inside the VR world with maybe some limited ability for interaction depending on the nature of the app. Moving around is handled by the DRIVER.


The video explains this idea in detail along with challenges of implementation and much more.


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Bonjour, I'm thinking of the same use for a family member which is paralysed but could wear one headset as a "passenger" while I'm controlling the VR interactions from the "driver" headset. Did you get any news for that proposition ? Cheers !

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Thank you for sharing and proposing Driver-Passenger feature.  I am currently experiencing  a similar dilemma. My mother has dementia recent assessment is severe 4/30 and verbal communication does not process. She loves the VR videos and I was able to assist her with BOGO via casting and guiding her hands.  Your idea is wonderful for many reasons and I feel that those affected by disabilities can greatly benefit from it.  I registered for dev for this reason to find a solution and develop.  As a primary caregiver I would be limited in what I can do in code and experiments with tracking.  You have my full hearted support. All the best to you and mum. 

I would love for my mom to experience War Planes as a passenger.

no.  I even shared and messaged some key VR influencers about this but got nothing. In fact as I recall from MRTV I got an angry or laugh reaction - forget which,  but he could have just pressed a wrong button but regardless - no traction from YouTuber bloggers so far. 


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Whilst we are on this topic I actually thought of a simpler Solution and I think its posted here too -on this forum - namely having the option to have all of the HUD type controls optionally CAST to the same screen as one is casting to a chrome cast device - and then at the same time have the "carer" be able to take control of the controllers.  This way wouldn't require two headsets - and is definitely  easier to implement technically. 

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if anyone else here would like to pester some of the VR influencers again with this maybe we can get some traction and interest from Meta/Oculus? 

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Bonjour, I did ask this morning for a "discussion" to start with the "accessibility" or/both "marketing" departments. I can't understand why they wouldn't see this as a great feature for their products.

Hi Dan,


i have been thinking about the challenges getting traction with VR influencers.  There may be a gap in awareness of how beneficial implementing something like this can be for many.


I spoke with the local senior center and also an occupational therapist about VR and accessibility like your driver-passenger or a type of assisted piggyback model.


furthermore, i read that Alcove was developed for seniors and funded by AARP in US.  Forbes did an article of the VR benefits especially during pandemic.


Lets build a team.

I think if we reach out to local organizations for feedback and also contact instead of Influencers like Unboxing Therapy.

Professional organizations such as Recreational Therapist Association, Occupational Therapists, Senior Advocacy, Alzheimer Society, etc.


I want to see this happen in my lifetime and I do wish I was more able to contribute more.

The discussion in this thread is momentum.

I am a member of a Senior advocac group so I will reach out for guidance of how we can amplify our desire into a collective voice for Meta to consider bringing this level of inclusion to Oculus.


its gonna be game changer!!



HUD on cast would be better i think as it saves cost.  

Controller tracking of the controllers away from headset os something to consider from what I understand the cameras on t he headset track the touch controllers. I like the idea one having the HUD.