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PTC for Quest v.37

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest and Quest 2 v.37 is starting to roll out, let's use this thread for collecting feedback on it. Share your impressions, and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports as well if you notice anything.


If there are release notes to share ahead of time, I'll update this post with them. Also, if any known issues appear, I'll add them here as well with troubleshooting steps if needed.

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Do me a favour and invite me into this beta program as I would have pointed out the chromatic aberration error immediately. I am hard pressed to believe this was not picked up during testing. Currently my device is bricked until you fix this. 

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Yes that's right, I saw it immediately, I don't understand why there are beta testers if something like that doesn't catch your eye? I think it's a real shame, you can hardly read a text without straining your eyes. I hope that the update will be stopped and that the bug will be fixed quickly.

It was reported by many people in the PTC already, a fix for some of those users was released during the PTC, but other people were still affected. Contrarians picked fights on reddit to insist it was not a problem in software, Oculus apparently did not accept the reports from users that still had the problem, and here we are now.

Your best bet is to report your issue to the main v37 release thread - Quest build v37 release notes - Oculus Community - 938569 ( 


This PTC thread was for the beta, released a few weeks back.


As to your other comment, some of us did point out the increased Chromatic Aberration (you can see our comments in this thread).  However, the CA was fixed for some (me) and not others.  That said they pushed out v37 anyways.


Now that it's out, it's best to move comments and feedback to the main thread.

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@ShocksVR  Ya best to move comments over to final v37.  I’ve opted out of PTC because it did not seem to be very useful.  Now I may never see any updates until v38, lol!  Fortunately I don’t currently have any issues.


Edit; opted back in and got a small update today (v37.0.0.147...).  I cannot say I noticed any significant changes and still no new v37 features.  Link clarity does look noticeably better, using Oculus pc desktop app v37 PTC.  Air Link, maybe a little better clarity as well. 

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Why did this deactivate the  ( Power + Volume [ + ] ) boot menu? Now mine shows the android robot dropped dead on back with an open panel explanation and the phrase "No command"?? How do i roll back?

Dropped dead on its back is certainly a way to put it, VR_q2_v37.0! It's not outside of the expectations for a user's heart to skip a beat when they first see that No Command screen pop up. The fix is actually a lot more simple than you'd think! Just hold the power button until the device boots.


If you still see the No Command screen pop up, we'd ask that you please open up a ticket through our support channel, so we can look into it a little further for you!

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Silly goose I thought maybe the android robot had a heart attack, power button from there just powers down headset and then a single tap while off boots normal. What I need to know now is how to navigate to the boot menu, or is it now non ACCESSIBLE?


That was useful and could use more options, such as video tutorials and guardian presets. I would also like to see game trailers without actors/models, sometimes helpful and othertimes mood breaking. I'm ok with how it is now but what about roll backs?

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Why not add a virtual environment drone optional upgrade for exploring?