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PTC v40 Release Megathread

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest and Quest 2 v40 is starting to roll out today. Let's use this thread for collecting feedback on it. Share your impressions and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports along with posting here if you notice anything wrong.


When sharing feedback, try to include as much detail as possible to help the team investigate.

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Level 4

Is there anyway to know what headsets have the panel that is affected by the 72Hz issue? As in certain serial numbers? I'd like to get back online but not if I'm stuck updating to 72Hz

I have the issue no refresh rate and its unplayable on 72hz make u dizzy and its a brand new headset so is the people iv seen having the same issue complaining so it seems to me that most who are getting this have the new version that comes with 128 GB and bought it recently that's just my guess but either way, if i was you i wouldn't update until v40 is out but it's up to you.

Thanks for the feedback, mine is a 64GB from release day order, perhaps I'd be right but as you said probably not worth the risk.

Level 5

Bought mine in March 128GB model, I see all 72hz 80hz 90hz 120hz options.

Specification for troubleshooting
PC: Win 11, 10600K + 3080FE, 4K 144Hz (On 1Gbps Ethernet)
VR: Oculus CV1 (retired), Quest 2 (AirLink for PCVR)
Accessories: Unifi Dream Machine 5Ghz 4x4 MIMO, Oculus Link Cable, Quest 2 Elite Strap
App (Experimental ON): Oculus App (v40), Quest 2 (v39)

Level 4

All my problems was fixed by screen at boot, 72Hz problem and now i notice performance is better....great!


p.s. please no more new firmwares.....never touch a running system. 😆

(i have the 128GB version)

Is v 40 out officially or do u mean the pt fixed it?

Level 4

V40 is not out official, it´s PTC, but PTC is full, so, there are other ways to get it...

i just wanna say thank you iv been stuck on 72hz since i bought the **bleep** thing ur my hero!

Level 3

PTC 40

When room lights are extinguished, head tracking is disabled and both controller pointers are not aligned properly.  If this is in response to any of my "Room Lights Out" comments, it's not at all what I suggested, noted, whined about for the last 5 PTC updates 🙄

I've been able to load v40 on my Quest 2 and it does re-enable the 120 Hz option!  Thank you!


However, the Oculus app for Windows only shows 72 Hz still.  Does that app need to be updated too?