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PTC v40 Release Megathread

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest and Quest 2 v40 is starting to roll out today. Let's use this thread for collecting feedback on it. Share your impressions and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports along with posting here if you notice anything wrong.


When sharing feedback, try to include as much detail as possible to help the team investigate.

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Level 3

After installing the v40, I'm not able to grab or interact with things in my home environment, and when playing games like WOW or Halo Infinite , my oculus quest 2 starts lagging and getting a lot of distortion, it has a lot of bit rate lost, with V39 I was able to play all time Halo without any interference and now is impossible to play PC games when contracted to the PC.

Level 3

V40 on PC *and* Quest 2 fixes 72hz bug and Windows 11 performance is now stable without console window having to be open and in focus. It's not perfect as there is the occasional compositor frame drop but it finally works.

Level 3

When I start my quest2, I can see the blue meta sign, and the screen will display three points. After loading, the screen will be directly black or card perspective

Level 2

Quest 1 either boots into a black screen, or gives me a continuous tracking lost error since v39 PTC and now aswell in the v40 PTC. If I can get it to show anything else, everything just follows the headset when looking around or I'm spinning eternally. The controllers also will no longer connect.

Quickly also mentioning that the controllers only disconnect when my face is inside the headset, otherwise they turn back on. (but obviously that's not a good thing because I can't even use them since I'm not wearing the headset anymore)

Level 2

As of V39 and the V40 PTC, my Oculus Quest (2019) has been completely unusable!


My device has the issues that most other people have experienced like the black screen issue and the turn on before putting on thing - but tracking refuses to turn on at all. The controllers only turn on if nothing is near the proximity sensor, otherwise they refuse to connect. The 3DOF mode that automatically turns on when the headset loses tracking also doesn't work correctly, as everything follows the headset's rotation.


I have factory reset my headset three times and let it sit for a few days without touching to try and resolve the issue to no avail (other people were suggested these things by the support team before). I also took out the controller batteries for a few hours but that also didn't help.

me too... any solutions?

Level 2

When I start my quest2, the screen is perspective model. Then I Restore factory mode. But after upgrade which is enforcement action, I can see the blue meta sign, and the screen will display three points. After loading, the screen will be directly black. 

You can turn it on from sleep without your head in it and it'll show something else - but it depends on what the headset feels like:

1. No Tracking Screen

2. Bad Lighting Screen

3. Home Environment

(and if you hold the power button down) 4. Power Off/Restart Screen


The issue is, it's in that perspective mode and the controllers won't connect unless you aren't wearing the headset, thus nothing really can be done except wait for an update 😞 as factory resetting won't help. I'm really tired of these updates being so broken, especially v39 and v40 PTC.

Level 5

Both v39 and v40 ptc have caused application framedrops when there is controller tracking on cv1.
ruled out PC issues as link with quest 2 is fine on same ports.

i'll save the full breakdown of my troubleshooting, pc is 12700k, windows 10, rtx 3080ti, spent 2 days doing everything to no improvement, even using a spare headset with new cables, logs have been sent to support and i've kept them updated.

here's some screenshots of the cv1 and quest 2 using lost frame capture tool, with cv1 down to 2 sensors (makes no difference) and no supersampling and the quest 2 maxed out with 1.7 link resolution, 3664 encode and 500mb bitrate, proving its not gpu drivers or performance issues as headroom is very high and there isn't a single dropped frame in gameplay of same song when using link.

and solving the puzzle by not moving the cv1 controllers here: a single instance across the same test where i initially put the controllers down,

this really needs fixing, I've not used my headsets for a while and now have app ASW under link debug options so not sure if its been present since that v38, please don't forget about us rift users!! same pc, same ports, same everything was fine, now its not.