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Quest build v33 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of September 13th, 2021.

Guardian History

  • If your headset is experiencing tracking issues, you can now use Clear Guardian history to delete Guardian maps and tracking data in addition to boundary data from your Quest or Quest 2 headset.
    • Please note that this will also delete the Guardian tracking data for any secondary users if you have multiple accounts saved on your headset.
    • You can clear your Guardian history from the Guardian settings panel in VR.

Safe Browsing

  • We’ve implemented an additional layer of security in Oculus Browser to protect you from websites that may be potentially harmful (malware, phishing etc.).
  • If you navigate to a potentially harmful site, you’ll be redirected to a separate page with info on why the site may be unsafe and recommendations for how to proceed. This feature is powered by Google Safe Browsing.

Link and Air Link Visual Improvements

  • Next time you use Link or Air Link with your headset, you may notice improved image quality and text clarity thanks to Link Sharpening. Link Sharpening makes images crisper, fine details clearer, and text more clear and easy to read.

Improved Oculus Touch Controller Sleep Management

  • We’re updating the Oculus Touch Controller firmware to make controllers go to sleep faster, which improves the standby battery life.
    • Please note that this update applies only to the original Quest to match the controller behavior on Quest 2.

Improved Multitasking

  • We’re bringing some of the previously experimental multitasking features to everyone. These include showing up to three currently running 2D apps in the Universal Menu, a bar beneath each window for accessing common controls, and the ability to drag and drop Browser tabs and windows.

App-Level Notifications Preferences

  • Notification settings are being redesigned to allow for more granular control of your in-VR notifications. These settings include
    • Turning ALL notifications for an app on or off.
    • Turning notifications for a particular app category (e.g. friend activity) on or off
    • Turning specific types of notifications (like push, VR, email) for an app on or off.

System Keyboard Updates

  • You’ll now see auto-correct features when typing using the system keyboard.
  • We’ve also improved next-word prediction. You can quickly select the next word suggestion by hitting the spacebar.
    • Please note that this feature will be rolling out progressively over time and may not initially be available for all users.

You can always find our release notes up to date on our support page here as well.

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I never really thought about it…I will try next use to clear my Guardian history…

Level 7

Got the updates a few days ago and things were pretty good until now for some reason

after starting up Airlink within a couple of minutes or so the bit rate nose dives and everything becomes a stutterfest.

I'm on the early build of Windows 11.

I read on Reddit others are aware of a Windows 11 "focus" bug where OVR.exe doesn't like being behind  or in front of other windows.

Has anyone who may be in the same boat found a fix?


I've just tried to enable/disable link sharpening in ODT and then run Fallout 4 VR, but it doesn't seem to change maybe Quest 1 or this particular game is not supported?

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

There shouldn't be any game-specific aspect to it. Link Sharpening runs on the headset itself, which has no direct connection to, or understanding of, what game you might be running on your PC. As long as you're connecting through Link or AirLink (i.e. not Virtual Desktop), it should work. I haven't tried it on my Quest 1, but perhaps the sharpening effect is less obvious than it is on the Quest 2?

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In my case, I tried several games and the change was noticeable in all of them.
It suits the most current ones better, such as Half Life: Alyx, Contractors or The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, but those with more time, such as Assetto Corsa or rFactor 2, the filter does not suit them so well because it shows aliasing, thing that disguised the lack of sharpness before the filter.
I made a video comparing details, although it is not very decisive because having a 1024x1024 capture in Quest, the zoom loses a lot of detail, but it can guide you to see what to look at in other games.

I've read that the sharpening effect should be already visible in the link main menu, so I can definitely say that on my Quest 1 enabling or disabling it it has no effect at all (using v.33 on both Quest firmware and PCT software)

@markwest76 The sharpening effect is not as apparent (although there is some improvement) in the main link menu/desktop panels as it is in most games imho.  Plus, I found I needed to restart my Oculus runtime services (easiest to just restart your oculus desktop app) in order for the link sharpening to work properly.  Still not sure whether v33 sharpening works better with a Q2 than a Q1 though. 

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since only Quest 2 users are reporting visual improvements, I think that this new option has no effect on Quest 1

Level 6

when is update 34 is it durring facebook connect or after 

kevin warhaft