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Quest build v38 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager
These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of March 8th, 2022.

App Library

  • When you are in a Party any owned apps that support enhanced Multiplayer features will be highlighted, making it easier to jump into a multiplayer game/app.

Recently Met

  • You can now view, join and friend recently met players by pressing the Oculus home button when in a game/app.
    • You can also see people you recently played with in the People Tab as well as in the Oculus Mobile App.

MR Couch and Desk

  • MR Couch and Desk are moving from Experimental features to the Guardian settings. Now all users will be able to place persistent desks and couches in their Horizon Home environment.

Tracking Updates

  • We're making improvements to the tracking system on your device. Some users will need to create a new Guardian.

Settings Updates

  • We’ve redesigned the Settings page to make it easier to find what you‘re looking for.
  • In addition to design enhancements, we’re adding a search bar in the Settings menu to use when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Logo Updates

  • We’ve updated some of the UI elements to use the Meta Logo.


  • Hovering over an option in the Quick Action Menu brings up a tooltip to help guide you through the various Quick Actions available.

Keyboard and Bluetooth

  • Tracked Keyboards and BT settings will now be moving from Experimental Features to Device Settings.
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Level 2

Please give us background audio/Picture in Picture(PiP) mode I don't care about infinite office.

Level 2

what about the chromatic aberration issues caused with v37? this is still very present on both my Quest 1 and 2, the supposed fix that had rolled out never came for me and now I'm still stuck with the issue on v38. 

Level 2

Cool! But the thing I need the most is to have the local app library only show currently installed apps. As it is now by default after every reset it lists all apps you have and the ones you have tried out and uninstalled.
I can see on different forum posts, that its and has been an annoying issue since launch. How come it is not addressed? 

Level 9

Thank you for the release notes.

Can we also get notes for the v38-PC changes ?  I see there's been a few changes such as 'Mobile ASW' added to the Oculus Debug tool (under Oculus Link settings).  By default, the previously used PC-ASW is now set to disabled. 


Thanks !

i7-7700k, Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo (10G), Oculus Quest 2
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Level 3

Will mrc capture for android phones be coming in the next couple updates?

Level 2

In what I imagine is an a result of the tracking updates, I have noticed new behavior from my Quest 2. I use my Quest with Virtual Desktop to do VR on my PC through steam with full body tracking. In the past I have been able to take off my headset to go do something for even just a few minutes, and when I come back, the headset would have stayed awake and I would have been able to put it back on and resume play as normal. Now when I put the headset back on, it appears to have gone to sleep and on wake my playspace calibration is completely offset and I have to recalibrate (I use OpenVRSpaceCalibrator). I already have the setting for auto power off at the max time limit of 4 hours, and I couldn't find any new settings to change. I was also using a cable to keep the headset charged with a power adapter plugged into the wall so it shouldn't have been a power issue at the time.

Level 2

Hey, could we have the possibility to have different Guardian Configuration for different spaces?

Level 2

We need more multiuser features and also a laying down play mode there are many bed ridden kids and senior citizens with headsets in hospitals that could use this mode.

Yes please release some information about the Mobile ASW feature and additions on the PC PTC App