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Battery Life and Enter VR Screen

Level 2

Unfortunately I have 2 major issues with the Oculus GO, that I could use some help with.

Issue #1: Battery life is very short, my machines will run about 12 hours a day, yet the Oculus GO battery lasts about 2-3 hours. Is there a way to easily take out the battery inside and replace it with a full one every 2-3 hours? Otherwise, I believe I have to resort to external battery pack solutions, that I found, that can be mounted to the side of the headset and constantly be charging it. Is that a viable solution, and if not, what solutions do you provide for this?

Issue #2: Enter VR screen. I don't have any use for controllers. I don't want my users to have to click anything to pass this screen. I want my application to be running immediately after the user wakes up the headset by putting it on.

I hope you can help, as I like this headset quite a lot other than these 2 issues and would like to keep working with it.