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Being charged incorrectly, overcharged overall.

Level 2
Hi all,

I tried contacting customer support and it has been 7 business days with no reply. I figured I'd try to get some info here before I initiate a bank chargeback. 

I ordered the quest 2 256gb with elite strap , link cable, case & spacer. Totalling 985 in my currency (because the store specifies my currency, add the tax it becomes 1074.55. 

I've been charged 

638.99, the headset I assume
59, spacer I assume
59, spacer twice?!
157.99, ????????
287.00, ????????

Total 1201.98.

in each situation on PayPal I am only given "occulus hardware" as details. 

Does anyone have any information? Any suggestions? Assuming all the correct items arrive i might just charge back the 157.99 amount that way its as close to the real amount as possible without going over that amount.