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Game development - where to start?

Level 2

I’m really interested in VR development but I have no experience in game programming. I’m not sure where to start or should I learn oculus rift right away. I have a background in java and really willing to learn more. As a beginner, what would you recommend to start game development? Suggestions are well appreciated.


Level 9

The best place to start, in my opinion, would be to download Unity and start playing around. Maybe make a simple game like Pong (or whatever) in 2D just to learn. Then move on to something simple in 3D, then VR. I'd recommend coding with C# in Unity, which is similar to Java in concept. There are tons of tutorials and books for Unity, so there is no lack of information out there. Hope that helps.

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I know this is late but two great tutorials:

I might be able to get you a free code to that second one if you're interested. Message me!

Level 15
I've found a ton of great resources on Udemy for game development. I'd recommend starting with Unity, as it's one of the easier programs to learn and has great support for VR.