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Is SideQuest safe for users?

Level 2
I've been thinking of getting Pavlov shack for my quest but im nervous if it can harm my harm my headset in any way.  

Level 2
Hey Big Boss i am wondering the same thing if anyone can help us please let us no. i have been looking at videos and websites and i cant tell whether or not to connect my headset with side quest. My tech dad said no but all the articles say yes please someone help.

Level 2
I know I'm late but SideQuest is 100% safe, it has a community blacklist of apps that people can add apks/apps that they think are pirated, malicious, and more. Every game on SideQuest has to test and approved by a SideQuest employee to be published (I know because I had to wait for Shane while he looked at the SteamVR menu mountains for 4 hours, not joking). Pavlov has never harmed a device (that I have heard at least) but the only thing it could do is just not launch the game due to obb problems from downloading Pavlov form SideQuest. Oculus is not the biggest fan of SideQuest but somewhat supports it because it helps indie developers who got declined to get there name heard and games played. Well, that's a nice paragraph for my first response on this forum! I hope it helped!  🙂

Level 2
Sidequest is great im trying to get a game developed with some good people from there.