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Order Cancelations and Support Responses

Level 2

It seems that people had orders cancelled for unexplained reasons.
From what we can gather, it looks like a witch hunt for those who broke
the rules when ordering (Using freight forwarding, intending to resell
on ebay, etc.)

We have all been told to be patient and support
will eventually reply, and this has kept us mostly quiet. However, it
seems that people are receiving uninterested, canned responses like the


Thank you for contacting us regarding your order.

We’ve re-reviewed the cancellation and have determined that the purchase is unable to proceed with the information provided.

Please note, we are unable to provide any further details regarding specific order cancellations.

We appreciate your understanding.

Oculus Support

is not the support that we have been patiently waiting for. If Oculus
does not tell us the rule that was "violated", then we are unable to
offer a defense (especially in the case that we are innocent of the
suspected violation).

I was on vacation in S. Korea
when I ordered. I used paypal (linked to my US bank account). I used a
U.S. shipping address (where I then resided and still currently
reside). I made no attempts to resell (and no intention to do so).

questions: What can I do if I receive the same dismissive email that
others have received? How do I receive the fairness and honesty that is
expected from a decent company?