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Solution to the virtual worlds harassing problem

Level 4

I was checking the reviews on the Horizon Worlds, and I see there are a lot of kids going around and just harassing people.

Well, there's a "simple" solution to this.

Until the voice recognition will catch people harassing with the N word and whatever, there is a solution that could be put in place easily.

The good old forum ignore.

It would work so sweetly: just point the controller at the bully and "select" him/her, bring up the game menu, or even better the Oculus Menu, and slam him in ignore.

From that moment, he/she become invisible to you, and you become invisible to them.

I bet my left arm that this would immediately cut the legs to every bad taste joker out there, kids included. This would spread around the metaverse in a moment, when the kids would see people disappearing in front of them one after the other, and finally find themselves essentially alone. They also finally find something more constructive to do than harassing people just because they know they can't be caught.