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Virtual Desktop is useless...get your money back

Level 5
Here's the skinny:
It rarely ever goes back to virtual desktop when exiting a VR game - you will be left with a dark screen doing nothing until you get a hold of your oculus remote and go to home and try to relaunch Virtual Desktop. Completely defeats the point of it's very existence. 
Developer doesn't seem interested in updating it since September despite numerous reports about this issue.

I'd recommend you get your card company to refund you as you paid for something that did not meet the requirements which it claimed to. 
Only way to ever get people to do anything is to hit their wallet.
Sad but true.

Level 4
This is by design because Oculus Home requires apps that exit to return you to Home.

Level 5
Then why does it not any like this 100% of the time?
Sometimes it will be back to virtual desktop when exciting a game.
And the times it doesn't, there's no Oculus home either! Just a black screen and one has to then fumble around looking for and then pressing the Oculus remote to then go to Oculus home. The design you speak of does not work.