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Oculus not loading home page, store, downloaded apps, etc

My system isn't loading anything. When I login the homepage doesn't load. I click on the store and nothing loads. I get a message that there is nothing to load or something went wrong. I updated the headset software and I am connected to the internet...

Menu Passthrough

Hello, Since a reset of the Oculus Quest 2 headset, I no longer have access to the passthrough activation menu in the experimental settings. I have the V26.Has this option disappeared?

Bulrog_ by Level 2
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Card declined

My bank balance is currently over 2000$ yet when I go to purchase Arizona sunshine for 43 and some change it either is declined or says my pin is wrong? How do I fix this? I factory reset my headset even though I just got it out the mail and out the ...

Quest 2 storage error

I have a 256 GB quest 2. Have downloaded less than 10 GB of content. In device settings, it is showing the device had only 32 GB of storage, and that the storage is full. Really confused— device is 256 and only downloaded around 10 GB so far. Can som...

SamsungGearVR Proximity Sensor Error?

Hi, I have a problem with my gearvr, it only show black screen. I suppose there is a problem with the proximity sensor.When I touch closer to the sensor I could no longer hear the sound.How to make Oculus always on? Thank!

iupxlam by Level 2
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Turning off music in Oculus home/dash - Tip

Hi Guys, I appreciate as an audio developer how annoying this is, especially when the dash/home music it turns itself back on. Best fix to eliminate this is to go to your relative install directory and just put an underscore or rename the files you d...

Stuck in loop

Hi, I've created several organisations in an attempt to enable dev mode on the Quest 2 headset to test an app I've created, however when attempting dev mode after the org is created I'm stuck in the same loop of creating an org to enable dev mode. Wh...

impossible enable developers mode on oculus quest 2

hello, I got the oculus quest 2 and I can’t enable developer mode , I’m already creating my organization but when I go to the oculus app , I can’t enable developer mode they ask me to create an organization. what to do?

Delete organization from Dashboard

Hi Oculus i have used a clients organizational name for a test build. They want to use the name themselves, but cant due to name overlap, how can i delete or rename it?

eScape by Level 3
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can not use VRTK

Exception: An SDK Setup from the provided list could be loaded, but the device is not in working order. There are no other Setups in the provided list to try.VRTK.VRTK_Logger.Log (VRTK.VRTK_Logger+LogLevels level, System.String message, System.Boolea...

device store

i bought a game on my oculus quest 2 for $30i go onto my pc and use oculus link to connect itthe game still cost $30is there a way to make it not cost any money? because i already purchased it on my oculus quest 2

Oculus usb driver install problem

I’m having a problem installing the Oculus usb driver.The instructions on the Oculus download page are:“Oculus ADB Drivers 2.0This download contains the drivers required to use ADB withAndroid-based Oculus devices. Version 2 adds support for MTP mode...

Radman1 by Level 2
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UE4 Pink Square Bug

Hi there,We've been seeing these small pink squares show up on Oculus Quest 1 and 2. They seem to appear at random, in sizes between small and large, sometimes on the carpet and sometimes on the rest of the environment assets. We've had them only app...

CB testing and frequency details

Hello friends,We want to import the Quest to Israel and we need more details for the Israeli custom.All the testing documents, CB confirmation, frequency details/range, etc.Where can I find all these details? BRYaniv

Help with login

this is prolly not the right place to ask this, but Oculus Developer support is closed until the 27th and I need some help. thought maybe someone in here might know whats going on. Maybe you experienced the same issue.In the developer center I cannot...

How to make the main Oculus hand shader?

Hi,I'm working on a project where I need a similar version of the hand shader used in the Oculus main menu. To be specific, the issue I'm having is that the shader needs to be transparent, but ignore occluded hand pixels. For example, if you hold you...

Issue getting frame rate capture needed from Quest 2

Hello folks. I'm in the IT department attempting to help a user in Marketing who is having problems getting the frame rate capture needed with a Quest 2.All adb commands work except the following two commands:adb shell setprop debug.oculus.fullRateCa...

Verify my developer account

I have a problem creating a developer account. he asks for verify acredit card but I don't have one. then I read that you have to add a paymentmethod or a two-factor verification. I did this with a paypal account but itstill asks for a credit card. I...

I do not have a C port

If this has been asked I apologize as I am new but I did search the threads before posting this question, but was unable to find my question. I bought the link cable for the Oculus II but I do not have a C port. Is there an adapter that works? I went...

Remittance rolls over

I have not been paid by Oculus in many months now. My monthly remittance shows as 'rolled over'. I have definitely exceeded the minimum required for a deposit. I have received no comms on why this happening. I have filed many support tickets but not ...