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Aynı anda 3 Oculus 1 bilgisayardaki uygulamayı görüntüleyebilir mi?

Oculus Rift ten bilgisayarımı görüntülemek ve bilgisayarımı oculus rift ile kullunmuk istediğimde nasıl bir yol izlemeliyim? Örneğin Telefondan teamviewer aracılığıyla bilgisayarımı yönetebiliyorum. Bunu da Google Cardboard kullanarak uygulama izleme...

mjdehan by Level 2
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Resolved! DK2 Demo works, but nothing else works.

The title pretty much sums it up. I was able to play the same games on my Oculus Rift DK2 before the Runtime V., but now I can't.I had to recently reinstall all of the Oculus Rift DK2 Drivers and other stuff, and I also had to recently up...

pbucky by Level 2
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Resolved! replacement tracking camera

Hi, the solder in my cameras sync port came undone is there a way for me to get a replacement? thanks!

Resolved! Can I develop app for oculus?

Is it similar to android development ? If yes. Can I develop app for oculus and place it on its store from which people can download it ?

HMD powered off problem (with logs)

Hi folks, I've followed the suggestions on the other threads about this but with no success. Below are my system specs, drivers, install order and logs. Any thoughts much appreciated.Falcon Tiki desktop GeForce GTX 970 with 358.7 Driver Intel I7-6700...

What is the reason for 90fps requirement in Rift?

First question is: is Oculus Rift going to have several modes for 75fps and 90fps, or is 90fps the one and only refresh rate at which Low persistence is going to be supported? Is the answer to previous question is Yes, what is the reason for that? Is...

What's required to submit a VR film?

With Youtube you need to add metadata which is fairly easy. What needs to be done to make a film compatible with the Rift Glasses?

Belseth by Level 2
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Resolved! How can i make the image or screen on the gear vr clear or not faded?

I bought a brand new samsung gear vr and s6 edge from samsung. its my first time experiencing the effect of the gear vr, after unboxing and automatic install into my s6. i attached the s6 to the gear vr. but the screen appears to be not clear or fade...

OVRCameraRig in unity only displaying one view.

I am using Unity 4.6 and have imported the OculusIntegration file into my unity project assets. I am able to add the OVRCameraRig into my hierarchy and everything seems to work as it should. That is until I actually play the game and I only see one c...

nw2328 by Level 2
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Unable to update runtime since initial install

We have been unable to update the Oculus runtime since we first installed it. Each time we get a prompt with the oculus logo that states "There is a system reboot pending. Please reboot your machine and run the installer again." Our solution until no...

Resolved! Oculus DK 2 crashes when trying to launch demo scene.

Hi everyone! Recently bought my oculus DK2. Installed PC Runtime V0.6.0.1-beta. All is working correct but when i try to launch demo scene service always disconnects. I tried a lot of things: reinstalled drivers, reconnected my rift but still it does...

Going back to runtime 0.6 after using 0.7

Hello,I am trying to go back to runtime 0.6 so that I can play some of the previously supported games, before extended mode was cut out.I currently have uninstalled 0.7 and installed but whenever I try to use the config utility it says that s...

ivyfpop by Level 2
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Resolved! Unity Oculus Low-Frame Rate

Just downloaded updated Oculus SDK/Runtime and Unity Utils. Opened Unity and opened the default scene Cubes. When I look around the cubes are jumpy, hoping someone has a tip.Windows 8, GTX 980M.

Resolved! My rift is upside down

After setting extension to monitor and display duplicate, my rift turns upside down. Please help

Resolved! Why doesn't 0.7 work on laptops and when will it be fixed?

@cyberealityI keep getting the HMD powered off for 0.7 Runtime. I understand that it doesn't work on laptops. I'm wondering why and when this will be fixed? Many of the VR programs I frequently use are moving to 0.7 and I'm left in the dark and unabl...

Resolved! Can I order SDK from Belgium

On the order page there is only a limited set of countries that can be selected. Belgium is not one of them

orange light not blue

the rift worked well in 8.1, but not in 10, drivers up to date ,sdk7 installed still only orange light

Muiltiple Viewports in Unity

I have 2 screen and 1 Oculus. I wanna show same scene in Oculus and one of the screens, but they are different with another screen. I have changed the display rectangle. But it will be reset in game mode.

dev7x by Level 2
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Resolved! Optimal distance vs. handling objects at close quarters

Based on I understand that the optimal distance for objects in VR should be around 0.75 meters - 3 meters. How does this play with handling objects in close proximity...

yogesch by Level 2
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