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How to delete a device from oculus account in app

I had to exchange my quest for a new one. I did a factory reset before I took the old one back to the store but it never disappeared from the device list in my app so now I have the old one and new one listed. I can’t figure out how to delete the old...

Oculus Setup Download Mac?

I tried to setup my oculus rift on my mac, but when I download the software it was an .exe file. I tried opening it with virtual machines and wine and I haven't had any luck. Is there a mac download I can get.

Nolen by Level 2
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OVRPlayerController doesn't move around scene with controllers

When the game is launched to show on the Oculus Quest, it doesn't allow the player to move at all with the controllers. The OVRPlayerController has ForwardDirection and the OVRCameraRig in it, so I'm not sure what the issue is. I am using Unity 2018....

htre by Level 2
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Oculus U for higher Education

I am currently working on my thesis for my master in Management of Technology . I am proposing an Oculus device " Oculus U" an Immersive Learning Technology where international students can stay at their home country and classes at a university using...

Lafman by Level 2
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Oculus quest in Unity as a portable cinema.

Hi guys,I'm developing an app that has two screens: menu and Cinema.In menu users will use controllers (probably only button clicks) to select which movie they are watching and the head tracking should be fully disabled when the 2D video comes in ful...

Are there plans to support Hololens 2?

I have a Unity project using Ovr Lip Sync. I managed to build my project and run it in the Hololens 2 emulator. But the Ovr Lip sync doesn't work (DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'OVRLipSync': The specified module could not be found.). I tri...

fixing my oculus

Is there anyway that I can send my oculus rift to the oculus company to get fixed. If so how much would it cost

Quest Update Firmware Update Files

Is there anywhere to download the update files? Been unable to pair through phone and now Terminal commands aren't checking the update so wondering if these files sit anywhere I can download.Thanks

Quest Tutorial: Ball not moving when using Quest

Hi all,I have been able to get the tutorial working, but am having issues moving the ball. When I'm running the app in Unity on my mac (e.g. by hitting play in Unity), I can move the ball. When running it on my Quest device (using Build and Run), the...

Rift S... Ive had enough of this now!

Ive had this thing for 2 days.Ive exchanged it twice. TWICE.. I got it to work twice. Then it stops, never to work again. Like the thing imploded. Im seriously beginning to wonder if its damaging my computer. First it told me I wasnt plugged in to a ...

Are there any studies for suggested wearing time?

I am a university student researching about VR-technology. In the official health & safety warnings PDF, oculus suggests to firstly wear the VR for a few minutes and then take a break. After getting used to it, 15 minute breaks after 30 minutes of us...

Touch controller key mapping for minecraft

Hey guys, I’m using Minecraft Windows 10!edition with touch controllers on my Rift S. I can’t figure out how to use the off-hand, and I can’t find a touch control key map anywhere on the internet.Also, how do I sprint?Thanks!

fraktol by Level 2
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Does anyone have a problem with Oculus Rift S fogging when you put it on? I also have an issu of the unit causing a tremendous amount of sweat around the eyes. Is there a way to adjust focus?

FPS dips in certain games

Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place. I have a capable laptop, run the rift s and most games run great, Can run Lone Echo at max settings and barely stutters.However some games (Zero Caliber) for instance even at low settings, the fps is constantly r...

How to "Revoke USB Debugging" on Oculus Go?

I need to be able to clear the USB settings both for trouble-shooting and to be able to test a full "installation" procedure for a customer. The Device Setup page for Gear VR says you can Revoke USB Debugging via Developer Options under Settings, but...

AppriL by Level 2
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Contradiction in setup and oculus app

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled and it takes me to "Update Your Graphics Card Driver" page every time even though my computer is already fully compatible for Rift. I think it's a software glitch.

jitter oculus quest

When I used unity to pack oculusquest's android package, the packaged scene I saw in quest was very shaky. When you walked, you felt the ground shaking. Especially when you squat down for a moment, you will obviously feel the height change of objects...


I am using a display port to hdmi adaptor and after plugging in it successfully connects for 20-25 secs and then disconnects. Connecting to Predator Helios 300. I have done the Oculus hardware checker and it says that my hardware is above the recomme...

Oculus Rift repair option. Continual failed installs. Help.

This is the fourth time I've been through this. Went through the repair option as stated and waited for downloading and re-installing the software to finish; ended with the "sorry, we encountered an error page" before restarting and trying again for ...

Mr_Alan by Level 2
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Battery Life and Enter VR Screen

Unfortunately I have 2 major issues with the Oculus GO, that I could use some help with.Issue #1: Battery life is very short, my machines will run about 12 hours a day, yet the Oculus GO battery lasts about 2-3 hours. Is there a way to easily take ou...