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Oculus home help

I made an object too big and now my home will not load. I currently spawn in and see an hour glass that spins forever. I do have access to the Oculus button in VR however I do not have access to the menu button to load a different home. I am not able...

Would Oculus donate a headset?

Hi guys,I am currently writing a speech over Virtual Reality and the effects it has on the brain. I have already reached out to many different bushiness, and got some answers I was looking for. Along with needing a speech, I also need some kind of Vi...

tracking my order

i ordered an oculus quest back on december 31st. the confirmation email i received stated that it would have been shipped by February 26th. it is now the 28th. a couple of days after the ship by date, but i have not heard or recieved any more emails ...

Need help witth Rift S!

Hello! I have tried everything! I have bought every usb hub posible I have done the device manager thing .I have done the power management thing with disabling and I have restarted it . Tried rebooting oculus and also reinstalled oculus app. I have a...

Want to become a AR/VR Developer in just 12 weeks?

AR & VR Developer Certificate Program from XR Terra in partnership with Benjamin Franklin Institute of TechnologyTrain to become an AR / VR developer in 12 weeks (part-time)! The program offers a specialized curriculum with real industry projects. Pr...

XRTerra by Level 2
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Refund not received

I sent the item back and it was signed for by AKRATZ on 12/18 @ 10:03AM, I have still not received my refund. This has been a nightmare. I have yet another oculus quest to return because I did not think you received my 2nd order which was the replace...

krandal by Level 2
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will it ever be implemented that the quest uses steam like the other headsets who primarily use steam to get its games. also will there ever we a option to stream on other sites then Facebook because you think giving face book 400$+ dollars that we w...

Unable to add payment methods

I am trying to add a payment method to my oculus account but it says "unable to add account". I have put all my information in correctly but am still getting the same response. i have tried a master card giftware and credit card but both give the sam...

Nail Polish off Skin

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Shader rendering incorrectly [Unity]

Hi all,I'm trying to create a custom 'fire' shader for my Quest app.It's just a shader I have grabbed off shadertoy and converted, but it works perfectly on my desktop (and via link), however, when rendering on the Quest, I am getting a weird visual ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Updating Oculus Integration to version 1.43 broke Lipsync

I'm on Unity 2019.2.0f1. Lipsync started working again when I reverted to my previous Oculus Integration version. Not sure which one that is, I might have skipped some versions in between. And I have no idea where to check what version I'm on.Anyone ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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k_no0b by Level 2
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Is it possible to render on top of another Oculus application?

What I would like to do is render some 3D objects on top of whatever other VR application I'm running. Like, whatever method is used to render the guardian boundary, is it available to developers to render custom geometry? I have a third Touch contro...

How to delete a device from oculus account in app

I had to exchange my quest for a new one. I did a factory reset before I took the old one back to the store but it never disappeared from the device list in my app so now I have the old one and new one listed. I can’t figure out how to delete the old...

I cant buy any games with my payment method

I got this debit card and I'm trying to buy star trek but I keep getting this problem if anyone can help me that would be great An unknown error occurred (1353049)

Oculus Setup Download Mac?

I tried to setup my oculus rift on my mac, but when I download the software it was an .exe file. I tried opening it with virtual machines and wine and I haven't had any luck. Is there a mac download I can get.

Nolen by Level 2
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OVRPlayerController doesn't move around scene with controllers

When the game is launched to show on the Oculus Quest, it doesn't allow the player to move at all with the controllers. The OVRPlayerController has ForwardDirection and the OVRCameraRig in it, so I'm not sure what the issue is. I am using Unity 2018....

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus quest in Unity as a portable cinema.

Hi guys,I'm developing an app that has two screens: menu and Cinema.In menu users will use controllers (probably only button clicks) to select which movie they are watching and the head tracking should be fully disabled when the 2D video comes in ful...

Are there plans to support Hololens 2?

I have a Unity project using Ovr Lip Sync. I managed to build my project and run it in the Hololens 2 emulator. But the Ovr Lip sync doesn't work (DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'OVRLipSync': The specified module could not be found.). I tri...