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My app is request microphone access but don't want to, can't see how its being added to my manifest!

Level 4
This might be being added after including the Oculus Platform SDK to my project to include a leaderboards feature. I know the SDK provides chat abilities, but I'm not taking advantage of them.  The problem is after the build is done and I install my app, I can see my app requesting access to the user microphone.  When I look at my manifest, I DO NOT have any request for it and when I search my projects entire solution for android permissions I can't find anywhere that it may be being added when the manifest is being transformed for compilation.  Can anyone help me with some tips on what to do or if they have experienced this themselves?  Thanks in advance.

Edit: Wasn't meant to be added to Audio development.  Correct post is now here.  I tried to delete this one but didn't find how.