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UE4 Spatialized audio advice

Level 4

For the GearVR Jam I'm going to tackle spatialized audio. . Probably a mistake as it'll be hard to stand out but the field needs more love and attention.

My design tenets are primarily taken from Brian Hook's Audio talk.

I'm using UE4 latest bleeding edge release that has Oculus's audio SDK integrated. (Probably another mistake for other reasons) I'm after any tips and advice for actually using HRTF in UE4. Trying my luck here as I'm not getting much attention on the UE4 forums. Totally understand if no one can help as this isn't a UE4 support desk.

Laterally it's excellent. But front back and elevated spatialized audio doesn't really stand out. The twitch streams mentioned that it worked really well but I'm not feeling it.

I've started with the obvious, mono sounds with high frequencies. No low rumbles. And I'm using headphones.

Anyway any advice to make UE4's spatialized audio stand out would be very much appreciated. Below are the only options I see that I can tweak.
CRT-X (Hotline Miami inspired VR shooter)

Level 2
Thanks Geoff, much appreciated!

Level 4
Thanks Geoff and Akshara! It was rather painless to integrate this plugin. It actually works quite well when used with the GearVR.

Elevation is a little hit and miss but overall I'm very impressed with the effect. I'm going to experiment with FMODStudio tomorrow. It's much more pronounced compared to Epics implementation in 4.7.8. Although that's not a fair comparison as it's still in development and not officially released

I'll endevour to release something for the jam! It's very difficult on my work laptop while travelling with long work days. But due this success I'm inspired to keep pushing it 🙂

ps: apologize if this post appears twice, my hotel's wifi uses smoke signals
CRT-X (Hotline Miami inspired VR shooter)

Level 4
Geoff, I'm asking a question here as I cannot post in the FMOD site. I created an account and logged in. But when I go to post I'm logged out.

EDIT: Worked around it, posted on the FMOD forum.

This works well for me if I drag and drop an FMOD event into the scene.

However I can't seem to fire it from blueprints. It works in the mobile and PC simulator but not in Note4.

Is it possible to fire spatialized sounds from Blueprints?
CRT-X (Hotline Miami inspired VR shooter)

Level 4

You have to add an FMODAudio object to the blueprint class. You cannot select an event from Play Event Attached.

I'm back from my Chicago\Vancouver trip. Jet lagged as hell but going to try and get something done for this Jam!
CRT-X (Hotline Miami inspired VR shooter)