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Unity - How to make sounds in the world sound lauder?

Level 2

Hi there,


I am kindda new to sound design so this might sound a bit stupid. We are developing a project where the scale is pretty big and the player is like inside a diaroma, so most of the elements that emit sound are like 20 to 40 meters away from the player (the camera).

I am using the component ONSP Audio Source with a gain of 24 (max I belive) and a range between 0.25 and 10000 however I can barely hear the sound playing. I've check the audio clip and the volume is alright if I hear it with headphones (I would imagine like a standard).

Is there anything I am missing? I would apreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction on achieving sounds to sound lauder.


Many thanks in advance.


Level 4

Are you scaling gameobject where AudioListener is attached or any of it's parents? This might be the issue. For example if you scaled down PlayerRig to 0.1f you have to scale child object with AudioListener in oppisite, to 10f
I my project I using Gain 10 and Oculus Attentuation range set to 0.25 - 250 and I can hear sounds just fine at normal volume. Also check Audio Mixer settings of you using it.