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Wwise Unity Oculus Spatializer - no output whenever there is a Wwise Meter effect on a child-bus

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Hello all!


I need to side-chain spatialized objects to use in an RTPC for ducking stereo tracks in Wwise. I have tested this on the audio bus with the Oculus Spatializer mixer plugin with the desired results, but since i need this for groups of sounds I created child-busses for these. Unfortunately, whenever I apply the Wwise Meter effect for measuring the output there, nothing comes out of the Oculus Spatializer bus even though I can see the child-bus outputting audio.


I tried using multiple busses with their own Oculus Spatializer mixer plugins which seems to work inside Wwise, but I haven't tested it in Unity yet and I heard this is not recommened either.


Am I missing something? How would I go about using child-busses for spatialized audio? And why does the Wwise Meter effect mute my audio?


Last but not least I tried using the built-in Auto Ducking feature as well but this doesn't seem to do anything except -permanently- lower the volume of the ducked track.


Any help appreciated!


Thank you in advance!


Wwise 2021.1.2.7629.2141

Unity 2019.3.0f3

Oculus Spatialzer 28.0.0


Screenshot 2021-06-18 193207.png


Screenshot 2021-06-18 193043.png





Level 2

Did you find any solution to this? I tried contacting support but didnt get any luck, Im having a similar issue.

Level 2

Unfortunately not. I ended up switching back to Google's Resonance Audio for Spatializing. Even though it is outdated it still worked like a charm for me (and the spatializiation also sounds better to my ears personally).