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Audio SDK 1.0.3 available now

This is a minor patch release with some bug fixes and a couple of new features. Please note the DAW head tracking feature should be considered in beta, but is working. There will be significant improvements in the 1.1 release, including better visual...

Audio recording in game

Hello!I m creating a game for Oculus 2I want to add in my game a function of audio recording of the voice of the player, who has Oculus 2 on him.How to do it better? Please advice me smth

Wwise Multi-Position Failure Message

I'm in the middle of implementing Wwise acoustic rooms and portals in my UE4 game, and I've come across a blocking issue. As I traverse through the various rooms, I start to receive the following message:[Oculus] Warning: Multi-Position mode not curr...

OVRLipSync iOS support

I have download the OVRLipSync plugin for UE4,but i found it lack of iOS lib support。How can I get the iOS support? Does the Oculus has any plan to support iOS of LipSync?

Party chat while streaming

A friend and I were playing with with 2 different quest's and we're in a party chat. I decided to stream us playing on to Facebook through the oculus. Once I did while scrolling through the menu my Facebook friends could hear my friend but once we st...

cwhogue by Level 2
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Would Oculus Audio SDK work for a HTC Vive build?

I am trying to figure out whether or not I should use the Oculus Audio SDK for a VR dev project I'm involved in. If I do, will there be issues when building the experience for HTC Vive? I thought it would work, my colleagues are sceptical. Googling i...

effots by Level 2
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