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[UE4] Audio SDK 1.29.0 in UE4 - when ?

Currently I am basically forced to use Steam Audio (which has no reverb support for Android) for my Go/Rift/Quest VR project because Oculus Audio SDK in UE4 is still at version 1.18.0 even in Oculus own UE4 integration :#When can we expect to see cur...

Setting up Oculus spatial reverb on FMOD lowlevel

Hello.Sorry for a series of my nich questions, but I just got stack integrating Oculus spatial reverb with FMOD lowlevel API.I tried what seemed to be right, but the sounds don't change.Here's what I did:(1) Insert "Oculus Spatial Reverb" DSP to the ...

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[Oculus GO] Audio Spatialization

Oculus GO Audio SpatializationExplanation :Using Unreal Engine 4.20.3 from Oculus Github fork, I tried to implement a spatialization scene using Resonance from this tutorial from Google but I didn't managed to get it working on Oculus GO.Tried many d...

FMOD Integration - Native PC

Doing an upgrade in our software to both FMOD and Oculus code. I am currently getting an unresolved external when calling: OSP_FMOD_Initialize(SampleRate, bufferSize);The function is in "OculusSpatializerFMOD.h" however I'm obviously not getting a li...

What is the latest implementation of global gain?

Hello.I'm looking for a simple way to set the global gain of Oculus Spatializer because all rendered sounds seem to be quieter than other audio.I found this page

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Resolved! Unity Set WWise output device

Hey there,I'm running unity 2018.1.9f1, Oculus Utilities 1.27, WWise Unity Integration 2018.1.1.6727.1172, and WWise 2018.1.1. I'm struggling to change the WWise audio output from the default windows device. #if !OVRPLUGIN_UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORM string...

Unreal Engine reverb

Hello,I've been trying to get reverb to work in UE4 (4.20). Is this possible? I found the reverb settings in the plugin preferences but I can't find where to set the reverb level or dry/wet mix. There's no reverb preset asset that can be created (as ...

General spacialization questions, and the Audio360 SDK

Hi,I see that Facebook also has another spacialization SDK, the [Audio360 SDK]( Since Oculus is now part of Facebook, how doe...

Audio SDK Wwise + UE4

OK. We have recently built the Wwise integration with UE4 from github.We're running the WwiseDemoMap, and making sure we're following the Oculus documentation to set all the sounds to use the Oculus spatializer plugin. I also have the Oculus Audio pl...

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Basic reverb in Oculus Spatializer Unity

Hello, I'm trying to set up the most basic and obvious room acoustics scene I can using the Oculus Spatializer Unity package. I'm having difficulty with the example provided.I've reviewed the documentation on

Wwise max voices & priorities

Hello,When exceeding the maximally allowed voices, how does Oculus Spatializer for Wwise choose which ones to process? I would assume it looks at the Wwise "Playback Priority" of any sound before processing HRTF. But it seems to just process the newe...

Using Oculus Spatializer from FMOD low-level API

Hello. I'm completely a newbie here, so I'm sorry for a bit of nich / stupid question. I'm seriously having a problem and hoping someone can give me pointers.I'm trying to use OculusSpatializerFMOD from the FMOD low-level API. However, there is no up...

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Playing soundclips to audiosource Unity

Hi,I have a range of sound effects for my game (building for oculus go) but no matter what I try the sounds i try to play mid app (on command) just simply wont play. I have tried audio.PlayOneShot and creating a prefab of the object with the sound on...