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OVRPlugin.audioOutId not changing

In my Oculus settings, I have the audio set to 'Windows Default'. In my application, I am polling `OVRPlugin.audioOutId` and printing it. I find that it always prints the same value even as I change the Windows Default device. If I switch to 'Rift He...

Oculus Utilities 1.25.2 Audio Distortion

Hi, FYI Upgraded Oculus utilities to 1.25.2 and OVR Plugins to 1.25 under Unity 2017.4.1f1 and gametime audio began stuttering. I assumed it was from playing audio from an SD card but another project had the same issue and audio was on internal stora...

Dynamic Room Modeling and Unreal ?

Just saw this: and wondering if support for dynamic room modeling is coming to Unreal 4.19 Thanks beforehand

Resolved! Oculus Lip Sync not working with iOS

I have made an app which is using audio lip sync and it runs fine on android, and mac but when I build it for iOS it is keep giving me this error:DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'OVRLipSync': The specified module could not be found. at OVRLi...

Default Unity Attenuation max range is very low

Oculus Spatializer version 1.22.0. Running Unity 2017.3.1f1In the Unity implementation of the ONSP Audio Source, the default max range for Oculus Attenuation is 10 meters. That seems very low, and results in the default sound being extremely quiet at...

Unity: Spatialized Audio for avatars with Oculus SDKs

I am looking for advice on how to approach implementing spatialized audio for avatars when using the Oculus SDKs. It does not appear that VOIP audio support can appear as a standard Unity AudioSource, so it would seem not possible to use standard Uni...

OSP not working with Wwise 2017.2.1

Hello,Just wondering if the OSP will be compatible with Wwise 2017.2.1 soon? As of right now I dont think it is. I was working in Wwise 2017.1.4 and had no issues and had to upgrade to 2017.2.1 and now the OSP will not work in Unity 2017.2. Thank you...

Audio development with Logic Pro X

Might someone be able to offer any assistance in regards to options for Oculus audio development within Logic X? If DAWMac has no reliable timeframe for AU adoption, is it possible to use Logic's own internal Binaural Pan or 3rd party spatial softwar...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Wwise Motion for Touch Controllers?

Hi there,I am currently trying to implement Touch haptics for my Unity game, and since we are using Wwise instead of Unity's audio engine, I am trying to implement haptic vibration through Wwise Motion. However, it seems that the Touch controllers ar...

MuraBPJ by Level 2
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Audio output to 2 devices

Hi,I was wondering if it is possible to play the in game audio through 2 devices simultaneously.I'd like the video game audio to play through the rift speakers whilst also playing through my regular speakers. Having people over to watch/demo gets rea...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Audio for 360 videos for Oculus Video

The Facebook 360 audio team handle both the audio post-production and playback for ambisonics in Oculus Video. They have some great resources listed below and their own official support group which is the best place to ask questions anything about am...

Petroza by Level 7
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Loudness recommendation for Rift

Hi Oculus.I would like to get more details on your loudness recommendation. You ask to aim a target of -18Lufs for rift games; as most of the game on the market tend to stick to the audiovisual standart, -24Lufs, I wondering what are the reasons behi...

OSP Spatializer AAX plugin crashing Pro Tools 11

Hi there,I was wondering if anyone has the issue I'm running into recently with the OSP Spatializer aax plugin:I have 4 aux buses, each with an OSP Spatializer (mono to stereo) insert attached. I then create an audio track (channel number doesn't see...

MuraBPJ by Level 2
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.MKV Files No Audio

I have been working with Facebook 360 Workstation to create audio for 360 videos for a while and up until now have had no problems playing them in the Oculus Video Player. But since the latest update for Oculus the .MKV files I import no longer have ...

Measuring Loudness on Gear VR

When using the Oculus Audio Loundess Meter for Gear VR, what level should I set my Windows playback device to? According to the documentation, I should set the Gear VR volume to 100% and the Windows mixer line-in level to 100%. Check and check. The p...

[UE4] Oculus Audio for Rift without FMOD/Wwise - how ?

I would like to not use FMOD or Wwise. Steam Audio is still in early access. Is it possible to have HRTF (and whatever other cool features available, like reflections, etc.) sound in desktop VR (Windows) using UE4 ? If so , how (I don't see any nativ...

Crash in the Wwise Oculus Audio Spatializer

Hello,We are using the Oculus Audio Spatializer plugin 1.18 for Wwise 2016. When we have more than 64 sounds playing through the Oculus plugin and we try to play an ambisonic sound, we crash in the ConsumeInput function.This issue seems to occur only...