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bypass checkbox in Oculus spatializer mutes audio instead of passing it through. [WWISE-UE4]

Level 2

Hello everyone.

We are currently running tests with the Oculus spatializer Plugin (OCULUS ovr audio spatializer wwise 31.1.0) in WWISE ( 2021.1.1.7601 ) in UE4.25.

For some really weird reason, the 'bypass' checkbox in Oculus spatializer now simply mutes audio instead of passing it through.

So in our Stereo setup, we don't hear anything when we bypassed the plugin in Wwise while connected using the profiler.

We are currently testing using footsteps sounds with this plugin (mono source)
The plugin is allocated in one Aux Bus under the Master output and the routing is direct with no other aux  buses interfering.

We also tested the Bypass by linking it to an RTPC controlled from within the game but it wouldnt make any difference.

Anyone know if this is a bug with the oculus spatializer plugin?
or is there anything I'm missing out in the setup and use of the plugin?

We also encountered the issue where having another plugin, for example Wwise Meter, instantiated in the Aux Bus holding the Oculus Spatializer, the Oculus plugin will not work at all.

Has anyone encountered any similar issues using this plugin?

Wwise 2021.1.1.7601
OCULUS ovr audio spatializer wwise 31.1.0
UE 4.25

Thanks in advance,