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how to play ambisonic sound & dts sound in vr video?

Level 3
    i am a developer focus on vr media player using unity. in the past few days, i tried  facebook360 spatial workstation and Oculus Audio SDK those provied spatial sound soultion for vr platform. there are some questions i want to figure out to realize something like that:

ambisonic sound in 360 & 180 video

simulate surround sound like dts in virtual cinmea

 so, my first question is about demo1:
    fb360 & oculus audio sdk both provide soultion which play ambisonic sound using a single sound file like .tbe(fb360), wav(4 audio channel). fb360 give developer a tool called FB360 ENCODER, but this app looks like just enocde video to mp4 for youtube & facebook.
if i want play a video encoded by FB360 ENCODER, 

    1.should i just decode the audio with 4 channel into setero sound(2 channel) from the video file? then using the decoded data into unity audio source which contain "ONSP ambisonic native".
    2.or while i play the video without sound, i just play the wav or tbe sound file using sdk to sync the sound & image?

my second question is about demo2:
     is there a method to separate 5.1 audio channel into six split audio source into unity scene to simulate surround sound?
i know  its diffcult to separate audio channel in real time for its memory arrangement looks like:
     CHANNEL-0[0] | CHANNEL-1[0] ...... CHANNEL-5[0] | CHANNEL-0[1] | CHANNEL-1[1] ......... channel-5[1] ........

    so, should i just change 5.1 audio channel into ambisonic audio with fb360 tools or something familar to simulate surround sound?
is there exist a valid way or suggestion to make cinema surround sound right? any help would be appreciated~~