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How to do Avatar SDK or network-related dev locally?

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Is there really no way to test any of the network stuff locally?  I'm still new to this and it seems absurd that I would have to build/submit to alpha channel every time I make a slight change and want to test it.

Surely there must be a way to hard-code multiple fake users into my app so I can at least test init position stuff or messaging (or whatever the case). Even if I submit to the store, I only have 2 headsets and it's quickly becoming a painful and very unpleasant debugging/learning experience having to jump through all these hoops just to see if a remote avatar updates its position properly or not (for example).

I read here ( that there is no way to get my oculus user IDSo that tells me I can't hard-code my own user ID in the app while testing to at least log myself in and test if my own avatar shows up properly.  What options are available?


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I've had a lot of the same struggles, and I ended up using Photon to make my life easier. 

> Is there really no way to test any of the network stuff locally? 

With Photon, I can compile the program and run the .exe on one hand, and press "play" on the Unity editor on the other hand to have to instances running, they can connect just fine with Photon since it doesn't require the entitlement. Alternatively I think it's possible with the Platform API with more effort, probably by making and using a second account.

> Can you get your user ID?

You can totally get it. You have to first get the entitlement, and then there's a method you can call that will give you your user ID. I really need to put my code up on GitHub, then I can link to it.

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Agreed, use PUN 2. You can do "multi-device" testing between Editor, standalone .exe and APKs.
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