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Resolved! Simple Grab Script

HeySo I've been trying to implement a simple spawn and/or grab script. The issue I'm having seems to be that the objects grabbed aren't moving with the avatar hands. 1, Is there a special way needed to used FixedJoints? After I instantiate or move th...

Hand Size Calibration

I plan on putting something like this in my game, but I just want to throw out the suggestion to everyone. It bugs me that when I touch my two index fingers together in games, that my fingers don't touch. It would be so easy to calibrate hands. Press...

Avatar SDK Latest build - 10/22/2016

The second drop of the native Avatar SDK is now available!As always, please let us know if you run into any issues so that we can work quickly to resolve them.[Please note that this is not yet ready for redistribution and is covered under our existin...