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Looking for some more people to test our Early Access game

Level 2
Looking for some more people to help test our new game. This is an early development preview consisting of the None Shall Pass zone's first 11 levels, and the Battle Arena basic functions.

In None Shall Pass you must protect your home from the never-ending waves of enemies. See how long you can last by yourself, or invite friends to help you in cooperative play. There are several different gameplay modes such as Archery, Magic Staff, Sword, Guns, and much more. In addition to your weapons, you can also earn power-ups to help you along the way.

In the Battle Arena, players can collect and train various pets, monsters, and humanoids then battle them in an Arena for glory. The Battle Arena offers full voice controls for all of your summons abilities during battle. Battle your monsters in the arena in 1-1 combat or try your luck with a team of 3.

Please help our development by reporting any bugs you find, or any suggestions you have to our Discord channel at

If you're interested in helping us test please message me. The only thing we require is an email address associated with an Oculus account. Please do not post them in open chat. Please send us a private message. Please also do not include any personal information. We only require an email address to send the invite for the Early Access. SSZ Canada Inc does not send unsolicited emails.