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Level 2

I'm a performance design student studying at Central St Martin's College in London. As part of our final major project myself and a team are organising a VR based project called 'I Was There'. We are focussing on using VR to power a community project that's based on enhancing the accessibility and engagement of the public with art/performance/design/creativity & we are looking for collaborators and/or sponsors to help us realise our goals...

The Project:

1. The main body of the project consists of a series of installations throughout the city where the public can watch or engage with a piece of artwork (i.e. walking around a famous painting), watch a play/performance either recorded or made with c4d (or similar), play a game, explore a 3d digital environment etc. etc. The idea is to create a website as platform for emerging artists/designers to share their work and this will influence what is shown in each installation.

2. The project is currently London based but we ideally want to take the project to other cities, and more rural locations.

3. The second part of the project is an opening event where we want to create a piece of immersive theatre using VR. We are all theatre designers and have talents in set design, lighting, costume etc. - we want to explore how this can translate into VR and how VR can augment the experience.

What we need:

1. We are trying to find a sponsor who can lend or donate us the required amount of headsets for the installations and the opening event. We would preferably like 40 but we are open to altering our plans to suit the sponsorship we can get. As we are all students with no income we can only afford around 2 between us at the moment, so we're gonna need some help!

2. We need collaborators. Whilst some of us are student game designers, many of us are new to ideas of programming and are only just starting to refine skills with Unity3D and C4D etc. We love the concept of using VR but realise we need guidance of skilled team members to be able to bring our ideas into reality. We are craving the ability to learn about VR technology but we are struggling to find those who can advise us. :cry: If you are interested in pledging your skills or collaborating with us, or know anyone who might be, we'd be very thankful!

3. If you aren't able to donate tech or skills, we are also looking for content contributors - so if you have anything you have made that you would like to add to the platform, please get in touch..

We are really trying to push this project as the final part of our degree. We'd love the opportunity to show how traditional art and theatre design can use VR to revolutionise the medium and create new platforms for everyone to explore and create with. We are a hardworking, talented, focussed bunch at 'I Was There', and we're so eager to learn new skills that we otherwise cannot afford to. If you were to even send us down the right route to someone who might be able to help us, it would make our day! 😄

Thank you for taking time to read this. If you have any queries about the project please ask, and if you are interested in sponsoring or collaborating with us (or have any advice as to who we can go to) we'd really appreciate it.

All the best - Jocelyn