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Seeking an Quest arena games for children (4-12) for up to 12 players at once.

Level 2 is an instagram museum for young families and kids ages 4-12 with 3 locations.  Arcadia at Westfields Santa Anita is open, UTC Westfields in San Diego opens June 28 and Irvine opens September 1.  Each location has 30,000 customers per month.  We have an extra 5,000 square feet at each location and we want to launch a propietary arena style games for 12+ players with physical obstacles similar to laser tag type game.  We want the game to keep scores for individuals but for two teams as well.  We want up to 3 games to be played at once with each one in an arena that is split in two and is approx. 20' x 20' in size. Contact me the owner at