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Coding for College Science Applications?

Hello All! My name is Sam Jacobson and I am professor of biology and earth science/geology at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa Florida. I have been struggling with a computer programming issue as a few years ago I had a random chance to test a...

Packaging Mozilla hubs to app

Hello community, I am developing a virtual experience to replace school trips for my students with a virtual and collaborative trip, I was able to develop the experience on Mozilla hubs (open source). To facilitate the management of several hedsets a...

Aymekki by Level 2
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Oculus over PCoIP

Does anyone have a working system that would allow us to work in a DCC like Nuke or Premiere on a remote workstation (datacenter or cloud) over Teradici PCoIP and have the HMD local to the artist?

gabhann by Level 2
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Oculus for the visually impaired?

Hi, I have a 7 year old nephew that is mostly blind but can see a little out of the inner part of his right eye. He does play simple side scrollers like Mario while moving along with his character inches from the TV.Could this be a display solution f...

when i start up its all messed up?

so when i start my headset up its tilted and my remotes glith and what happpend befour this happen i was playing and i knoked down one of the seners and onece i put it back it was all glithing and stuff

Sword Art Online VR game (proposition)

It’s time to give SAO the ultimate respect it deserves. A beautiful masterpiece of its own design. An immersive VR game full of blade on blade parry and strike fighting, creative weapons, an apparel range that will make Michael Jackson proud, origina...

Use purchased apps on multiple Oculus Quest 2

Hi guys, I'm new here so excuse me if I write something dumb. I'm part of a team of newbies developers and we want to ask if it was possible to share purchased apps between us in some way? Is there a way to do it with a common business account or som...

Seeking Developer for Basic Quest 360video App

Hello. I have a series of experiential videos (3 to be exact, with TRT of 13 minutes) which I would like packaged in the same container (app) to be sold on the Quest/2 ecosystem. The build is as simple as three videos with a menu, but it needs to wor...

Tracking App Downloads in the Oculus Go Store

Hello, Our App, Alcove, is on the Oculus Go store. We are currently running ads online and using the Oculus store as the landing page. Is there a way to track app installations? Obviously, we don't have backend access to the Oculus site, but I was ho...

In need of a headset. Would Oculus donate?

Hi guys,I am currently writing a speech over Virtual Reality and the effects it has on the brain. I have already reached out to many different bushiness, and got some answers I was looking for. Along with needing a speech, I also need some kind of Vi...

Research and development program in Brazil

Hello everyone,My name is Leo, currently an undergrad for system development here in Brazil. i have set up a NGO nonprofit to bring in some moral and monetary support for my classmates. There are many social programs available here to help with educa...

Beta tester of Pirate Shooter

Hi guys,I'm the developer of Pirate Shooter and I would like to build a community of beta testers ensuring each build is bug free before releasing to the store.If you'd like to help me, please reply to this message and I'll add you to my Beta channel...

Teleportation Mechanic

Hi,Looking for a programmer who can help build me a Unity asset that makes it easy for me to drop a player controller into a scene and have a teleportation mechanic similar to VRTK. I've gotten tired of the direction VRTK is going and I only need a s...

bcoyle by Level 4
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Developer wanted

I am looking for a developer who can create a personal app for my non profit. I have a design for the sanctuary i created and i wanted to present it in VR before actually building it. Is there someone in the central Ohio area or near who can perform ...

Sharing my Music and Sound FX - Over 1800 Tracks

Hi everyone,I've created over 1800 tracks of music and sound effects that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. All I ask is to be attributed as explained on my website: sincerely hope that some of my work is helpful!...

Looking for a partner for cooperation

We are a full-service 3D animation and art studio with over 5 years of experience in animation,explainers, app previews, videos for startups, game development, training simulators and other related industries.Visit us at and g...