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Reporter looking for Rift developers in O.C. or L.A.

I'm Ian Hamilton, the technology reporter at the Orange County Register. We're the daily newspaper in Orange County, where Oculus is headquartered. I didn't know where to post this, so my apologies if this is an intrusion.I've been following Oculus s...

hmltn by Level 2
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Concept Artist

Hello I am a freelance concept artist for movies and games. Feel free to contact me if you need any help on your project. I just want to see the VR community grow. Thanks and good luck!-Anthony

ACTUAL touch interaction with world

Here's my idea so far for an environment that would not only allow (almost) controller-less interaction in a realistic way, but ALSO would allow some partial touch interaction with the world. Would need 3 things to do this,1 - Desktop chair2 - Razer ...

LouisB by Level 2
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Any dev for a Rift Theatre ?

Hi guys !I'm Manny, a French CG artist and Game Designer student (on my own...). I am absolutely passionated about the Oculus Rift and I am about to pre-order the dev kit (In few days, when I'll have enough money).I thought it didn't have to stop me ...

In search of enthusiast developers

Hello comrades,Currently i'm solo developing RPG game based on 11-14 centuries (especially for land where russ, normans and byzantines lived). Development started in 2008, and at last i started to learn Unity.  So far i have full game mechanic, tech...

"Fractured" - Emotional Cine-Game Concept

I'm extremely passionate about game design and love the whole process of game production. I'm going to post a couple game ideas of mine and also some discussions on game development for virtual reality. If you have a project you think you might want ...

LouisB by Level 2
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Stereophotography - 3D photos in OC

I can make high-res stereographic image pairs that, if shown to each eye, will give a correct 3D experience.I'm looking for someone who can use my sample images to develop an Image Viewer/file format for 3D photos in OC. Such an image pair can be dow...

Simple Ad Hoc Asset Pipeline

Let's try and use this as a place where we can link to assets that can be shared across projects.To that end, here's some imperfect early 3d scans of myself made with the help of some friends of mine.


Hey guys,I was wondering if any of you might want to start a Skype group that focuses on developing Oculus Games. You can add me at UnlimitedOrbis.Thank you very much.

YouTube 3D Videos

Hey:Someone mentioned on reddit that it would be great to be able to play the 3D YouTube videos on the rift and Google should update the player to have a "rift mode". ... _of_their/I don't think YouTube/Google w...

digital by Level 3
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VR demo rooms

I had an idea for a VR app. It's tentatively called VR demo rooms. Basically something like a community project where each person makes a "room" or a series of rooms in VR. It can be whatever. The app links them together in a series of rooms to explo...

usb420 by Level 2
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Anyone interested? I have no idea where to start and I am focused on something else right now. I know VRChat could be a really great tool though. Community project? I don't think it should be something created by one person for profit but by all of u...

Extensibly Generic Data Visualizer for VR

This thread is dedicated to finding people who are interested in building a skinnable all-purpose data visualizer suitable for use in Virtual Reality environments.For my own thoughts on the matter, please see the other Collaboration forum thread call...

Looking for a few quick testers

Allo Allo,This is Anton from I'm in the process of getting a first rev of our piece, Museum of the Microstar up and running with the Rift.'ve got elements of the unity ovr pa...

Anton by Level 2
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Cyberspace/Metaverse/asset portability API

Hello!tl;dr: Magic wands. Portable avatars let you choose your own adventure. Hack the planeeet!The project I that registered when I signed up to this dev portal I named "node.vr". The goal of this project is to create modules that are useful to VR a...

ganzuul by Level 2
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Frameworks For Collaborative Works

There seems to be some general enthusiasm about working collaboratively, so this thread exists so we can work towards finding an equitable way of working together on projects that may (or may not) have great economic potential.I'm not a lawyer. Event...

Player Ready!

Player Ready! is where we create our own Virtual Reality ARG, in honor of Oculus, Palmer Luckey and their achievements to date. Player Ready! will be inspired in part by Ernest Cline's novel "Ready Player 1" and all the other great works we're discus...


UPDATED: Don't use this thread as a starting point for discussing ideas for which you need collaborators. It's best if you start your own thread for that.Use this thread if you're here looking to help others with their projects. Let everyone know how...