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[Pathmaker] Partner WANTED - medieval portal-like.

Hello everyone.I'm Yoirgl. I'm Belgian and the creator of Music Box. It was my first VR game and I now want to up my game and create something really great. I have been working on a project of a portal-like VR game in a medieval fantasy environment c...

Yoirgl by Level 5
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Need a shooter Tutorial

Hi, I really need a tuto for develop a game like "Serious Sam VR" (for Unity) shooting with a simple gun.Where can i found updated documentation or some video tutorials?Thanks for all


Greetings, I am a college student with Muscular Dystrophy that inhibits me from doing certain things, but with technology I can do more. I currently have a Rift and I've been making an application that allows me to turn my head and move, but my issue...

[Music Box] Looking for a 3D artist and marketing wizard

Hello everyone.As you may or may not know, Music Box is a free rhythm-boxing game available on the Oculus store for a few months now and is in pre-realease state. (around 4.5k downloads at this time without any advertising whatsoever)Before releasing...

Yoirgl by Level 5
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Game Idea Suggestions

Some ideas that I thought that would be fun and exciting to play that other people may also like is, creating a world similar to Sword Art Online or something pertaining to that idea or maybe creating a world where you can create your own kingdom and...

Etherea² -- looking for an investor

I have been working on and off on Etherea for a few years now, always using only my spare time. A few years ago it was already in a playable state, with players walking and fighting inside space stations, taking off to open space and visiting planets...

imerso by Level 3
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UE4/Oculus Developer Opportunity (PAID) - NYC

We're a NYC-based team of 3D artists and designers looking for a UE4 Developer to help us bring our existing VR project onto the Oculus Store. Your primary responsibility will be to ensure that our app meets Oculus' minimum specifications for the tec...

Idea for a game

I'm not a developer nor a marketer, just a VR gamer who would like to see an educational type game centered around fine art. The rough concept being: you would start in a virtual museum and actually be able to step into various famous paintings hangi...

Where the past meets the future

I am looking for developers to work with me to create a brand new experience not currently on the market. Email me now if you'd like the opportunity to join me in this exciting new enterprise.

Medium Orthographic View Feature?

Okay, nice work! Loving Medium and Quill -- definitely see the potential for both as professional tools. I am a 2d/3d production artist for DWA TV. Current workflow includes Photoshop, Zbrush and Maya. End results include ortho drawings, 3q painting ...

Looking for VR App Developer (Harvard University)

Hi there! We are a research lab at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)using VR technology to better understand the mind-body connection. We arelooking for a VR application developer to help our team design an Oculus Rift +Touch app for one of our stud...

Oculus fundings for developers.

Good morning to everybody.Does someone knows which is the contact to use in Oculus site to ask for fundingsfor software development?Which way would be the best to ask themto fund a project?Thank you again.Best regards.Nicolò

Want to make VR app for Alternative healing

HI, my name is Brian I make paranormal shows in VR and want to move VR over to my Reiki. Check the shows out if you like .. Anyway Im looking to make an App that will allow one to watch live in VR and off calle...

Help with a Thriller/Horror VR game?

I am new to creating games and am using Unreal Engine. I want to make a Thriller story about living in a town where the water has been poisoned and everyone is slowly going insane. The town has been quarantined by the gov. until a cure is found. The ...