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Test users are not entitled to our apps

According to the document said:The test user inherits permissions to all apps and channels of the Organization that the user is created in.We have multi apps in Store. And have an app in draft state.We created a new test user. Log-In on a device. We ...

sycx by Level 3
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Yellow line

I have two yellow lines on my left goggles, does anyone know what this could be caused by?


Unity Oculus Avatars Cross-Platform

I'm creating a application with the Oculus Avatars which will be cross-platform. I am aware that Oculus provides 12 sample avatars to use at my disposal but it would be ideal to be able to create our own that fit the aesthetic of our application. I n...

ChewyAC by Level 2
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Remote Avatar wrong rotation.

Hi there,I'm using SDK avatar 1.16 and I'm facing some issue with the rotation itself.When i invite my friend into the app i can see his avatar.Now the problem is When he move 180 degree locally his remote avatar move double i.e 360 so when he make o...

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