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Adding beta users does not give them permission, does not send mail, no way to reliable share access

Level 4
The dashboard has the ability to add users as beta testers to an app's release channels.
However, we found that this only works randomly; sometimes it "just works" as expected, sometimes people get mails, sometimes nothing at all happens.
We have not found a reliable way to add people as testers to apps. This is for Quest + Rift.

Level 2
Exactly the same happens for us, and we need to do the testing for a really big group of people. This issue compromises the image of the product and our company. Any trick or way to solve the issues with the invitation to the release channels?

Level 4
I think the most reliable way for us so far was to send people a link to<appId>; and have them "get" the app from there. Wouldn't say it works always though...