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App Lap submission problem

Level 2


I have submitted my Quest app to App Lab at least 1.5 month ago, and it is still under the 'review' status.

Is there anybody in same situation?  How long I have to wait...?


For my app, I captured screenshots (and videos) on Unity editor and upscaled them to 2560x1440. It is also because to work around another problem that images taken on Quest have a strange color gamut.
Hopefully we have easier way...

Katsuomi Kobayashi (@korinVR) at XVI Inc.

Ok thanks, I will take shots from the PC version. You are right about the colours in shots from the device, they make screen shots look like an early 90's PC 3D game. Its odd of them to ask for in VR experience shots that are 2560x1440 when the device does not even support that resolution.

Level 2

Coming up on 9 weeks for a Rift S/Link release. I did contact Oculus Support and they said they were backed up more than usual. Fingers crossed.

Level 3

We were exposed to two changes, and our Galactic Rangers VR game was launched again for confirmation.... probably also for 9 weeks 😞