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Augmented reality and combining apps

Level 2

OK, it'll take entirely too long to create an entire game from scratch, augmented reality, meant to be played indoors.. The examples I give here are NOT the "game", just possible examples.. You begin in your home, and the 'clock' runs backwards, a time machine falls right into your room. so your modern house may become a cabin, then a tent, then a cave, etc. Some changes must remain throughout this experience, but you may end up occasionally homeless, in a forest or field. Because the earth spins, your house, or at least where it used to be, is caught in the dilation field. The time dilation device is temper mental, so depending on what you do, you may end up going back 20, 50, 100, 10K, even a million+ years back.. So, developing a "level" going back a mere 20 years, trees, rocks, streams, etc would remain almost constant, but character interactions would change.. If the field sends you to a log cabin 300 years ago, many things would change.. So, if I were to start an app, how exactly do I go about getting others to build upon it, turn it into a full fledged game? Again, this is NOT the 'game', just an example with similar problems.. I thought it up 5 minutes ago and already have some interesting back stories to weave into it. Anyone interested in attempting it is free to, as long as I get named as a concept designer, no cash to me until the game makes over $100K. After this, 1% to me. I can build time lines, quests, obstacles, even odd twists. The object is to move slowly thru it, not to die at the claws of a bear, shot with an arrow, etc. So, can anyone fill me in on recruiting others to "pile on" for the ride..?